This model is a recreation of the “ponte girevole” (swinging/revolving bridge) by Leonardo da Vinci. It is a design included in the Atlantic Codex. It is an arched bridge that is supported with a single pillar in one of the banks, after which a counterweight of stones (I used some lead pieces as well as small stones) compensates for the length needed to reach the other shore.

Model’s details

Leonardos’s original drawings of the swinging bridge. The Athlantic Code.

Name Leonardo’s Swinging bridge
Description Scale model of the “ponte girevole” (swinging/revolving bridge) by Leonardo da Vinvi
Design Leonardo da Vinci
Escale (unknown)
Dimensions (cm) width: 44, depth: 20, height: 16
Building 2007-2011
Hours 170 hours
Comments For years I had dreamed of building any of Leonardo’s machines.

During a visit to la Galleria, in Firenze (Italy) I bought the wonderful book “Le machine di Leonardo”. The book shows documents from the Athlantic Code and is illustrated the original designs together with som perfect computer assisted recreations which I have used to make this scale model: Il ponte girevole. Enjoy it.

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Photos os the building process