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This model is not a normal kit, but in a way it is. When I was building the 19th century Menorcan Shipyard I liked the drawing on the wall of the ship they were building, so I decided to make a duplicate of the tiny image, and enlarged it to build this beautiful ‘xabeq’.


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This is the second Jágeba I have made. Several years after making the first, I resumed the dream of building another one. I went back to Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga), took photographs and got the real dimensions of one of the vessels I found. With all this I got down to work: drawings, scale plans, cover design …

Sanson (tug)

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El Samson is a kit by Artesanía Latina. The original ship was a steam-powered tall tug that carried out support and rescue tasks for large ships in the Atlantic. It is a large scale model (61cm long) and easy to build, as it has a fairly “clear” deck compared to other boats.


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The Marenostrum is another kit by Artesanía Latina. It is a fairly simple and very decorative boat, ideal for beginners.

Far-West Cart

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Original model by the author, based on old photographs and drawings of the time. All accessories (rifle, bucket, axe, shovel, barrels ..) were made in wood.

The “Jábega” from Málaga

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Nowadays there are diverse shallow-draft fishing boats which share not only an etymological origin, but also a common history: the jábega, in Malaga (southern Spain); the xabec (very similar to “the catalan”), in the Balearic Islands; the sciabecco, in the south of Italy, and the sambuk, in the Red Sea.

Traíña (Trawler)

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Detailed reproduction of the original boat, based on a photographic report by the author of one of the last ‘traíñas’ that, unfortunately, has been used until recently in Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga).

The anatomy of HMS Bounty

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This was my first “difficult” scale model. It took me more than 300 hours to finish it, and with it I discovered how little I knew. It was not just a large and complex ship, but a mix between ship and diorama, which taught me what life was like for the men who lived and died in it. Several years later, I used the plans to design and build a cross section of the same ship, that you can see under “Dioramas” category.

Jábega with winch

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This model is, at the same time, into two categories, ships and dioramas, since it presents a boat recently washed up on the beach with the help of a winch. It was made following a photographic report by the author, for which the distinctive elements of this typical fishing vessel from Málaga (southern Spain) were manufactured and added.

Whale Boat

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Model by Artesanía Latina that presents one of the rowing boats that accompanied the great whalers. From these light boats, the harpoonists approached the whales in order to hunt them.