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Specialized sites
Sites with plans/designs
Ricard Llorens Site by Ricard Llorens Site by Borja Ceballos
Ángel “Pady5” Model Ships for rookies.
Mes maquettes Site by Vincent Besançon
Modelismo naval Site by Joaquín Solana
El cabillero Site by Eloy Ruiz
Navalmodel Página de Antonio Alcaraz
Modellismo Navale Página de Alberto Cosentino
Modelismo Naval Site by Manuel Rodríguez
Maquetismo Naval Site by Carlos Montalvão
HMS BOUNTY A very complete site on the famous frigate, with links to many models, history, photos…
Modelismo Naval Ship Model Directory
Modellismo Navale Statico Italian site with loads of photos.
Todo a Babor  
Marine et Modelisme d’arsenal Very interesting page by an experienced modeller:, G. Delacroix.
vaisseaux anciens Site with gorgeous models, tricks, construction processes and more.
Velas y cañones Ship models from the XVII y XVIII centuries. Essential site by John Pantakis with many models by Phillippos Kyriakopoulos.
Planos Hundreds of plans with many tricks.
más planos More plans.
Armada 1500-1900 Site with lots of plans and photos, by Francisco de Asís Manzanera. Very interesting and complete..

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