Traíña (Trawler)

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Detailed reproduction of the original boat, based on a photographic report by the author of one of the last ‘traíñas’ that, unfortunately, has been used until recently in Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga).


Technical Data

Name Traíña 
Description Typical trawler boat used in Malaga, dedicated to the extraction of molluscs.
Design Francisco Texeira
Scale 1:75
Measures (mm) Length: 300, Beam: 95, Height: 220
Date 1999
Hours 150
Comments For the making of this scale model, I made a photographic report and got all necessary measures. For the construction of the engine and the other rigging on the deck, I had to use a lot of imagination and different bits and pieces from plastic, vintage toys, and scraps of some kits.


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According to the linguistic-ethnographic atlas of Andalusia, edited by the University of Granada, the traíña is, in boats provided with light, the extensive network that runs around a bank of horse mackerel, anchovies or sardines, in order to take them to the coast. However, in Malaga, the traíña is one of the most typical fishing boats.

Actually, one must distinguish between the traíña, the “baca” and the clam trail; three boats that, although related by design, differ in their dimensions, number of crew and power.

The “baca” is the boat used on the Malaga and Almería coast for trawling. This boat displaces between 15 and 20 GRT. The Baca is distinguished by the naked eye by looking at its stern. In its rear part it has two large doors maintained to the winch or davits by two steel cables that are wound to two interior reels of the winch located also in the stern of the boat. The boat consists of a bridge, an engine room, an ice chamber, an interior and a deck.

For their part, the “clam tracks” are boats between 2 and 3 meters long, similar in design to the “roof rack” and are equipped with a motor. They are known for carrying a pulley at the bow from which a special net is pulled for the extraction of molluscs (clams and clams). All along the eastern coast of Malaga it was common to see these boats (popularly “traíñas”), fishing a few meters from the shore. Unfortunately, the sector has been in decline for a few decades and there are not many left.

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